Water Resistant Bluetooth Speakers vs. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

waterproof portable bluetooth speaker


Lesson One: Water Resistant and Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker are NOT the same things!


It may surprise you to learn that, when it comes to wireless bluetooth speakers, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker and Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t mean the same thing. While the names sound as though they provide the same protection against water, there are some key differences. This blog will explain these differences below to help you choose which portable bluetooth speaker is right for you based on your indoor and outdoor listening needs.


Lesson Two: What’s the Difference on the  Bluetooth Speakers?


Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers:  

Waterproof means that the device is not adversely affected by contact with water and can withstand water contact without becoming damaged. As you can imagine, this is a high threshold to meet, given there is no current industry standard established in order to determine if a device is, in fact, waterproof or not. There is, however, the Ingress Protection (IP) standard, which rates the waterproofing durability of a device. 

When the Bluetooth speaker come with the feature of waterproof, it means you can bring your bluetooth speaker to the pool party without any worries, while there are other things you might need to consider when you want to bring the waterproof Bluetooth speaker to the pool party.

Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speakers:

A water-resistant device provides a lower level of protection than one that is waterproof. Classifying a product as water-resistant typically suggests the device was built in a way that prevents water from getting inside or that it is coated in a certain material that decreases the chances of the speaker suffering water damage. 

Think of it as the manufacturer letting you know that they have tried to protect your product against water damage, but you should still avoid bringing the device into contact with water where possible.

Water-Repellant Bluetooth Speakers:

A water-repellent Bluetooth speakers is designed to repel water. The device is likely coated in thin-film nanotechnology that will provide product protection against contact with water. 

This is a slightly higher level of protection than a water-resistant product, but, at the end of the day, neither product is completely waterproof nor are they designed to be.


Lesson Three: Which Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Is Right For Me?


For the best in leading waterproof Bluetooth speaker technology, look no further than the DOSS E-go, E-go II and the Traveler. Highly durable against water, sand and dust, the E-GO range and Traveler products are rated IPX6, meaning that they are all protected against high-pressure sprays of water from any angle. Some of DOSS speaker have a feature of connecting waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker with Alexa, which will ease your experience so much of enjoying musics!

1. The DOSS E-GO is the first Alexa-enabled outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker ever. Its built-in mic allows you to control the speaker with voice. Along with the portable size and waterproof design, the DOSS E-GO is the ultimate companion for outdoor music playing. 

2. The DOSS E-GO II features a waterproof design, extended battery life, and superb sound quality. Its dual 6W stereo drivers deliver stunning sound with enhanced bass, tight mids, and crystal-clear highs without distortion at any volume. DOSS E-go II aims to provide the best quality and most accurate representation of the music you like. 

3. The DOSS Traveler is built to hype up any indoor or outdoor environment. Powered by two 10W high-performance drivers and dual passive subwoofers, the DOSS Traveler can deliver crisp, clear sound at any volume. 12-hour battery life, durable shock-resistance, and waterproof shell, and a 48-hour emergency flashlight which ensures you a journey full of beats in the wild. 

To order yours now, visit our product page.


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