Top Outdoor Activities With Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

outdoor activities with a outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Whether you are looking to spice up your self-isolation situation or wanting to enjoy the outdoors more, an outdoor Bluetooth speaker is guaranteed to stimulate your outdoor activities and transform them into a highly enjoyable experience.

The Doss Traveler is the complete outdoor Bluetooth speaker for you to make the most of the outdoors with. With an attractive-looking, strong and sturdy soundbox, two 10W high-performance drivers, and continuous playtime of up to 12 hours, the Doss Traveler is a great outdoor Bluetooth speaker for you to share your favorite playlist with your friends, family, and neighbors.


Top Outdoor Activities with your Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker:

1. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Dance-Off

With your brand-new Doss Audio outdoor Bluetooth speaker, you can challenge your friends, relatives or even your neighbors to have a dance-off. Make sure you have an outdoor Bluetooth speaker which can provide high-quality sound to your dance-off so that you will be inspired to dance your heart out and win.

2. Volleyball with an Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

While not usually talked about, volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is the perfect sport for you to take your Doss Audio outdoor Bluetooth speaker outside, enjoy the sun and spend some quality time with your friends and family this coming summer.

3. The Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Cornhole Party

A cornhole party is another creative way for you to show your competitive edge against your loved ones and the local community. Bring the party to life by playing high-quality beats with your outdoor Bluetooth speaker to energize participants to take the competition seriously.

4. Jazz Up Horseshoes with an Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

If the above activities don’t motivate you enough, you can always jazz up horseshoes as an outdoor activity together with your close friends and family. Make the most of the outdoors by utilizing your outdoor Bluetooth speaker to put new life into your outdoor activities.

outdoor bluetooth speaker

Check out our products and choose your outdoor Bluetooth speaker today.

If you would prefer an outdoor Bluetooth speaker which you can impress your friends and family with, the Doss Soundbox Pro features stereo pairing and active bass and light show so you can combine the color and rhythm of the music with the mood of your party or activity.

If you have the energy to enjoy the outdoors for longer, the Doss Soundbox Pro+ can deliver you extra bass with up to 15 hours’ music playtime to take your outdoor environment to the next level.

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