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Article: Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

outdoor bluetooth speaker

Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

There are many outdoor activities for which music can provide the perfect accompaniment, including backyard barbecues, camping trips, trips to the beach and outside parties. In order to achieve this it is necessary to have a portable Bluetooth speaker that will be able to provide high quality music whenever and wherever required.

The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker For Your Backyard Barbecue

DOSS outdoor bluetooth speaker
Having close friends around for a backyard barbecue is a time-honoured tradition, and a good time is guaranteed to be had by all when music is playing. In order to have the best quality music to accompany a backyard barbecue, the Doss Soundbox XL is able to deliver great performance and thunderous bass while being of a size that will allow it to fit into the barbecue without getting in anyone’s way.

The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker For A Camping Trip

DOSS outdoor bluetooth speaker

The popularity of camping has massively increased of late, but in the modern world it is nice to be able to take along some modern conveniences. Being able to listen to music while in the wild only makes the camping experience even more enjoyable, and to do so you will require a portable outdoor bluetooth speaker that will be able to deliver superb music while also being waterproof.

The Doss Traveler is the ideal outdoor bluetooth speaker to take on a camping trip, being very strong and durable while still being aesthetically pleasing and capable of delivering powerful sound with a pair of 10W high-performance drivers plus dual passive subwoofers.

The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker For The Beach 

DOSS outdoor bluetooth speaker

Beach towels, a book and sunscreen have long been seen as the essentials for those heading off to the beach for a few hours, but now the E-Go Waterproof outdoor Bluetooth Speaker can join that list. This outdoor bluetooth speaker comes with a revolutionary design that has upgraded the previous version of the E-Go to enable it to feature the first ever Alexa-enabled Bluetooth speaker designed to be made use of outdoors. The speaker streams rich stereo sound, is water resistant, responsive to voice commands and small enough to fit snugly by your side as you sunbathe.

The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker For A Indoor Party

DOSS outdoor bluetooth speaker

Neighborhood parties can be a great communal event and a way to catch up with families and friends. The Doss Soundbox Pro is an ideal outdoor bluetooth speaker for such an occasion, offering not just superb quality sound for streaming music but a fun light show to liven up the event as well.

The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker for A Outdoor Party

outdoor Bluetooth speaker - DOSS Soundbox Plus

When hosting a particularly large outdoor party, it is a good idea to make use of an outdoor bluetooth speaker that is able to deliver the loudest possible sound.

The upgrade to the original SoundBox, the SoundBox Plus, pairs together two 8W full range drivers in addition to a passive radiator in order to ensure the delivery of the best possible sound complete with superbly enhanced bass.

The SoundBox Plus also provides a light show with changing colors that are synched to the beat of the music.

The Best Carries out Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

outdoor Bluetooth speaker - DOSS Genie

When heading outdoors on a long trip, be it for a hike, camping or just chilling on the beach, it is important to have an outdoor bluetooth speaker that is as easy as possible to carry out with you. 

The DOSS Genie’s highly compact design serves this purpose, making it easy to carry in a handbag, backpack or even by hand. 

This design comes without the need to compromise on sound quality, providing exceptional sound even at very high volumes. 

The DOSS Genie is also compatible with AUX IN and TF in addition to Bluetooth, and its premium design coupled with the waterproofing that keeps it safe in any weather conditions makes it the ideal carry out outdoor bluetooth speaker.

The Toughest Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker for All Kinds of Outdoor Activities

outdoor bluetooth speaker - DOSS Traveler

Bluetooth speakers are very popular for their portability, but when they need to be taken somewhere a little more unusual, it is a good idea to choose the toughest Bluetooth speaker you can find.

Possibly the most rugged outdoor bluetooth speaker available on the market today is the DOSS Traveler. The strong soundbox with the beautiful appearance, the DOSS Traveler comes with technology that is advanced and innovative enough to offer gorgeous music and complete wireless freedom no matter where you are.

  1. High Audio Quality: The DOSS Traveler is able to deliver such powerful music on account of its featured dual passive subwoofers and a pair of 10W high performance drivers.
  2. Great Connectivity: There are a number of highlights that can be enjoyed by those who purchase the DOSS Traveler, including sound quality of the highest premium level and a very large degree of compatibility with other devices from as far away as 33 feet.
  3. Long Battery Life: The DOSS Traveler Bluetooth speaker also comes with extended playtime of up to twelve continuous listening hours, with a rechargeable energy-efficient flashlight that lasts up to two full days.
  4. Waterproof: The DOSS Traveler also comes with an IPX6 rating for dust and water resistance, making it able to withstand water waves and pressurized jets.

The Best Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker for All Kinds of Outdoor Activities

outdoor Bluetooth speaker - DOSS Ego II

There are all manner of outdoor activities that may be enhanced by the ability to listen to music, and for those who indulge in a lot of them it is important to purchase an outdoor Bluetooth speaker that will suit such a variety best.

The best outdoor bluetooth speaker for numerous outdoor activities has to be the DOSS E-go II, which provides truly immersive sound in any environment along with easy portability and a battery life of up to as long as twelve hours.

With high compatibility and Bluetooth 4.1 technology, the DOSS E-go II is unbeatable as a Bluetooth speaker for almost all outdoor activities. 

Choosing the best outdoor bluetooth speaker can make any activity come to life!

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