6 Tips to Make Your Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Louder and Better

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Who doesn't love to have great sound coming from their wireless Bluetooth speaker? It helps keep the flow of a party going or helps make cleaning the house a bit easier. What happens when you want better quality? Here are some tips to consider:

1. Put Your Wireless BlueTooth Speaker On The Floor

Have you wondered how to make your wireless bluetooth speaker sound better? One way is to put it on the floor. Placing the wireless bluetooth speaker on the floor allows the vibrations to flow easily. This allows the sound to be unfiltered and clear.

2. Size of the Room

When you want to make your wireless bluetooth speaker louder, look at the space you’re using. A closed-off room will allow the sound to bounce off the walls, while an open space lets the sound die out as it expands away from the source.

The best way to get the sound the way you want it is to turn the sound up and down manually. It sounds simple but adjusting your wireless bluetooth speaker by hand is the way to go!

3. Two Wireless BlueTooth Speaker is Better 

What's better than one wireless Bluetooth speaker? Two wireless Bluetooth speaker! Like the manual changing of the settings, this sounds like a simple solution to making your wireless Bluetooth speaker sound better. But it helps fill out the sound and the vibrations mix together to create a fuller sound.

4. Place the Wireless BlueTooth Speaker near the Walls

Placing your wireless Bluetooth speaker near a wall can distort the sound. Nobody wants that but what can be done to change it?

Experiment with moving the wireless Bluetooth speaker around. If there is furniture in the room, that will need to be taken into account as well. Some furniture, like a couch, will muffle the sound. An empty room will let the vibrations from the speaker bounce all over the place. Just move it until it gives you the quality and volume you want.

5. The Internet

Do you know how sometimes your computer runs slower if there are too many things connected to the internet? The same thing is true of your wireless Bluetooth speaker. Especially if you are streaming from a music service, that will have a major impact on the quality.

6. Maintain Your Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Maintain your wireless Bluetooth speaker will also to make your speaker louder with better audio quality.


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