DOSS Assistant
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Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart Speaker With Amazon Alexa
· Easy of use via touch or Alexa voice control
· Portable in size with anti-rolling design and fabric material
· Wi-Fi connection plus Bluetooth 4.0 technology
· Superior quality sound comes from 10W+10W Driver
· 8h playing time with rechargeable 2200mAh battery
$ 49.99
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4.0 / 5.0
It is a nice looking speaker with GREAT sound
By Alan on December 02, 2017
It is a nice looking speaker with GREAT sound. I'm a big fan of smart speakers. This is definitely the best one of my 7 smart speakers, due to its awesome sound quality, portable size, strong battery life, nice looking, and also BLUETOOTH function. Having the Bluetooth connectivity for a Wi-Fi smart speaker is so good. None of my other 6 smart speakers can be connected by Bluetooth.The Wi-Fi setup is easy. I don't need to find and connect to the speaker from the Wi-Fi (in the Settings) on my phone, like other smart speakers. I don't even need to choose the Wi-Fi name and type the password. The companion app is greatly designed. Since my phone is connected to the home Wi-Fi, it just send the Wi-Fi info and password to the speaker somehow. Then, the speaker connects to the Wi-Fi by itself. It's absolutely a WOW!So far so good. I've been using it a lot as an Alexa smart speaker and a Bluetooth speaker for my phone & computer. Don't have any issue yet.
The sound was great. I would be willing to keep it
By Julianne Shaw on November 30, 2017
I’m not sure if my speaker is defective, but I did get it to work for a short time. The sound was great. I would be willing to keep it, even if I just used it as a Bluetooth speaker. I wish I had some way to contact the seller and get some help. If I can’t, I’ll have to return it.
cute little speaker
By Gary on November 21, 2017
Cool gadget fused with the design from Google home and features from Amazon Echo. It can be used as Bluetooth speaker too.Good Sound!
Excellent quality speaker and a helpful, reliable personal assistant in one!
By Kmitrowski on November 17, 2017
My original bluetooth speaker I had on the counter died, and I was in search of a replacement. I came across this speaker in my amazon search and was quite intrigued by the smart capabilities it had. I am usually tech-savvy, but had not made the jump into a "personal assistant" yet, and was not really sure how I would actually like it.I LOVE it! The sound quality alone is worth the cost! I am so amazed by the quality and volume of sound that this little speaker can produce. I had some friends over, and they even commented on the quality of sound without me pointing it out (and it was tucked away on my counter so you couldn't see it). You can easily switch it from wifi personal assistant to a basic bluetooth speaker.The only thing that this speaker can't do is play Pandora in the personal assistant mode (licensing agreements), but you can easily switch it over to bluetooth and play it from your phone. It will play any amazon music on demand, and switch between channels. You can control the volume by voice in either mode, or use the super sensitive LED panel.I did have to update the speaker as soon as I got it, but with most electronic technology they update so quickly that you have to do this with everything... my iPhone and apple watch both needed updates upon their purchase.There is a Doss App that you download to assist with the setting up of the speaker, which can be found in the app store.I did enjoy the fact that the battery was charged upon arrival, and you can either leave it plugged into the wall, or make it mobile. My house isn't very big, and the volume it produces can be so loud, that I will probably leave it in the kitchen so I won't use it as a mobile device (but you certainly could!). I don't have any smart devices (lights, thermostat, etc) to test this with, but I am very excited to see how this works with them as I start to add them to my home.I highly recommend this product, it is a great price for what you get.
Awesome music, Love the sound!
By Amazon Customer on November 17, 2017
It really works, Wow! This is my first smart Bluetooth speaker. The good thing about this speaker is its incredible sound quality. I loved the bass and treble effect. It is easy to connect the only Bluetooth. Just like normal Bluetooth, press wireless button and search for the Bluetooth on a device. and for smart connect just download the app from app store and follow the instruction. If you unable to connect, app will let you connect via alternative way to connect the internet. For function, it follows every task I tell Alexa. I love this speaker.
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