DOSS SoundBox XL 32W Bluetooth Speakers, Louder Volume 20W Driver, Enhanced Bass with 12W Subwoofer.
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▪ DOSS Bluetooth Speaker, EAN:0744960104995

What you get: DOSS XL Bluetooth speaker, 3.5 mm audio cable, user manual, 24H Instantly los Angeles local customer service and 12 month Warranty.

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4.1 / 5.0
scratchy noise after 2 weeks !!!
By Amazon Kunde on March 02, 2018
After 2 Werks the loudspeaker makes a lot scratchy noise i am very disapointed ....Sorry for my Bad english but im from German ..
Bass thumping sound
By Sebastian on March 02, 2018
Great sound, east to pair, not as that loud but loud enough to fill a nice size room.
Where’s the Bass!
By KS on March 01, 2018
Go buy a Libratone Zipp instead. Blows this Awayyyyyyy....
By Gregory B. Strong on February 26, 2018
This is a great little device, good as a portable speaker for conference presentations and for classroom use if I hook it up to my PC. The sound is superb. I was a little worried that it uses a TF Card which is the old name for a micro-SD card, but any card will do -- as long as you only upload sound files onto it and just use it with this device. It can't play audio files on a micro card in order of course, they come up randomly so it will be limited to single files or music files. It does blue tooth as well but I haven't tried that aspect of it.
Wonder Tech thanks
By jagco1 on February 23, 2018
Man all I got to say is me very happy. We have taken it on long vacation back yard cook out parties where the music sucks. And just use my doss system it's hook up with a mp3 player called HIFI WALKER H2 High Resolution music clean smooth no complaints. The charging plug unit plug broke on the back would not play any more inside battery dead. So I contact Wonder Tech and they are sending me out another 1 under warranty with free shipping you can't get better than that. I'm waiting for it to come in. In the mean time, I'm missing the doss box needed to do so yard work out side. So I took it apart to see if I can repair for now until the new 1 come in. If any 1 by chance break the charging unit plug on the back and the warranty runs out. You can tap in to the battery wiring using the power supply wiring plus to plus red wire / negative to negative inside the box. It will charge the inside battery and you can play it of the wall plug charger. "O" the charging lights with not will work this way. After using it just plug it in the out let and let sit 3 hours to charge it back up. I will post pictures
User Manual
EN-SoundBox XL User Manual.pdf
EU-SoundBox XL User Manual.pdf

Q: How does this work leaving plugged in all the time and on all the time, I want to leave it on all the time for my echo. And use it on battery rarely

A: We leave it on for about 8 hrs at a time. We unplug it when the battery is charged and let it run. It runs for a long time on the battery. The sound is awesome! We               have not let it run all day being plugged in. DOSS said that it is not recommend to plug in all the time.

Q: Does this have a wifi connection? Doss website says it has wifi connection mode, but no mention on the Amazon product description. 

A: Only bluetooth no wifi. It has Aux-in and Micro SD feature as well. 

Q: Is the rechargeable battery replaceable when it finally dies and if so can a customer change it? 
A: It would be nice though, because it sounds so good, so it gets played pretty often. I guess when the battery finally dies, I'll either replace                     the box (hope they still make it at that time) or will just have to keep it plugged in full time.

Q: Is this water resistant enough to keep in the bathroom (shower steam)? 
A: Haven’t used it in the bathroom

Q: Will this speaker be available in Canada? 

A: Yes. You can search SoundBox XL on

Q: Is it possible to connect 2 speakers? 
A: Unfortunately it's not possible to pair them, only one at the same time.

Q: Can i leave power charge cable in all the time? because i use speaker indoor in fixed location. btw, very comparable to hk go+ play. 

A: Yes, you can, but we don't recommend to do that, it will shorten the battery life actually.

Q: Is this compatable with a sonos speaker 
A: This speaker is only bluetooth enabled and will not work within a WIFI set-up.

Q: When the speaker is on without music playing, do you hear a small static sound coming through the speakers? It's very quiet but discernible. I'm picky 
A: No my unit does not do that. Have yours checked that's usually a backgroud noise, I am fine with that.

Q: Hello, can you tell me if the doss speaker has a charge port for the phone? And is that 10 watts each driver? 10 x 2 plus sub at 12 watts? 
A: No, the speaker doesn't has the power station feature, and yes, it is dual-10w+12w subwoofer.

Q: Is this water resistant at all for outdoor use? I know sometimes our other speaker got left out on the patio table sometimes and it would sprinkle out 
A: I don't think this unit is intended to be water resistant, but I use it on the pool side as long as keep it dry.

Q: Does amazon echo and dot work and stay connected via bluetooth? 
A: The Dot does and sounds fantastic. Great soundbox for the price.

Q: Have they fixed the rattle problem that was caused by the fabric under the speaker grill?  
A: Mine has no rattle.

Q: Doss soundbox xl or Riva turbo X ? Which one has a better sound quality?
A: sounbox xl sounds better

Q: Is the sound quality good enough to use this as a TV soundbar? 
A: this is better the most tv speakers but not as good as a fixed sound bar. if you have a small tv, say less than 32" then it would work well. anything larger, like oluv               stated, you would lose the stereo separation.

Q: Will the bluetooth work with a MAC desktop computer? 
A: Yes. This will pair with any Bluetooth device.

Q: Does this box play FM radio?
A: No, but sound fantastic.... no to loud....

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