DOSS SoundBox
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Touch Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Portable Speaker
▪ Ease of use with touch controls

▪ BLUE, EAN:0744960107538

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▪ WHITE, EAN:0744960107545

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4.3 / 5.0
Great speakers for the price, loud and cute!
By MANUELA B. on March 13, 2018
Great speakers, louder than I expected, came partially charged so I tried it immediately. Bluetooth connection is easy, sound is clear and full, volume is surprisingly loud for such a small and light device. Great deal, just what I was looking for!
In terms of sound quality and battery it's perfectly fine for the price
By Amazon Customer on March 13, 2018
In terms of sound quality and battery it's perfectly fine for the price. The thing is that on Bluetooth it stutters all the time for me. Doesn't matter what device I use or in what location I use it, if I'm using Bluetooth its guaranteed to horribly stutter at least once. Not sure if this is usual for this product or if its just my specific unit but it definitely does not sound normal. But since it still works just fine wired I'll leave it at 3 stars for now.
I'm not an audiophile but this little thing sounds great. Much better than I expected
By Chad on March 13, 2018
I'm not an audiophile but this little thing sounds great. Much better than I expected. Easy to setup and use.
Can't get it to work
By Dottie Deal on March 13, 2018
Can't get it to work withOur Alexa. That is what I purchased it for. So we can increase volume. Any suggestions , would be appreciated
Awesome sound for the price
By A. Singh on March 13, 2018
Was skeptic to buy this one but the product stands up to the rave reviews by its users.The only fallacy i have noticed is that if an existing device is paired and not available it doesn’t automatically switches to the other device that is nearby and pairs but needs manual pairing.
User Manual
EN-SoundBox User Manual.pdf
EU-SoundBox User Manual.pdf
JP-SoundBox User Manual.pdf
Instrauction for firmware download and update.pdf
Factory reset.rar
Remove all prompt tone.rar
Remove auto-power off.rar
Shuffle play for TF card mode.rar
Remove all prompt tone and auto-power off.rar
Shuffle play for TF card mode and remove all prompt tone.rar

Q: Can I disable auto-off or remove prompt sound? How to download the upgrade firmware file?

A: Yes, the auto-off function and prompt sound can be removed via micro SD card firmware upgrading. If you need that, pls download the firmware file and instruction, or email our aftersales support (

Q: Can I play music via TF card in random mode?
A: Yes, pls download the firmware file and instruction, or email our aftersales support (

Q: Is there a volume control on the device?
A: Yes, it is a circle on the top of the speaker. Clockwise rotation to increase the volume and counter-clockwise to decrease.

Q: How many devices (phone, ipad, pc....) can I connect to the speaker at one time?
A: The speaker only pairs one device at a time.

Q: Is this speaker loud enough to use in a large living room?
A: Yes, it is loud enough after you set max volume on your phone and speaker both. Please put your finger on the top circle ring of the speaker and make clockwise rotation, then you will find that the speaker's volume turns louder and louder. And counter clockwise rotation to decrease the volume.

Q: How to unpair speaker from bluetooth device so another device can connect?
A: In Bluetooth mode, pls long press the 'play/pause' button for 5 seconds to disconnect with the last Bluetooth device.

Q: Can this work overseas?
A: Yes. As long as you have the appropriate wall adapter so the usb cable can connect to and be charged. 

Q: Is it compatible with Alexa/Echo Dot?

A: No problem. pls download the firmware file of disabling auto off function  and instruction, or email our aftersales support (

Q: Is there any way of turning off the LED lights?
A: No, they could not be turned off. It is designed to help user find buttons at night. You can put a piece of paper or a notecard over the top to block the light.

Q: Does this speaker come with a wall charger?
A: No. USB charging cable is provided.

Q: What is the largest micro SD card the speaker supports?
A: 32GB.If it is bigger tha 32GB, please format that to FAT32.

Q: What formats of songs are supported when using micro SD card?

Q: Can I use it anwer a phone call?
A: Yes, simply click the PLAY button to answer your call or long press it to reject.

Q: Does it work while charging?

A: Yes, it does. However, it is not recommended.

Q: It has a rechargeable battery?
A: Yes, it takes 3 hours to be fully charged, and works nearly 12 hours.

Q: Is it waterproof?

A: no, it's not waterproof.

Q: What is the weird dial tone that interrupts my music when the speaker is on?
A: It indicates the battery is low.

Q: Can I leave it pluggged into the outlet all the time or do I have to charge it every time the battery's run out?

A: The speaker still works when charging. However, it is not recommended.

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