Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Buying Guide

August 20, 2019

DOSS wireless bluetooth speaker

What should you look for before buying a wireless bluetooth speaker? We want to help with your search and make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.


1. Battery Life of The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to listen to music when your Doss wireless Bluetooth speaker has no battery left? When looking for any kind of wireless Bluetooth speaker, make sure to check out how long the battery lasts and compare it to how long the battery lasts in other speakers.

The Doss wireless Bluetooth speaker, for example, has a long battery life of about 12 hours. Enough to listen to your favorite album and maybe even get some time in with your favorite podcast!

2. Sound Quality of The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone wants their wireless Bluetooth speaker to have crystal clear sound; that's a given. There’s, even more, to look out for. When looking at speakers, make sure to look at the specs for the sound. Most of the newer models come with stereo, but a few offer a subwoofer to help with the bass.

With less than 1% harmonic distortion and a 360-degree concept of sound, the wireless Bluetooth speaker has everything that’s needed to impress friends and family at get-togethers.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Design

Great design is timeless. Trends come and go. Does anyone remember the bulky speakers that were popular in the 1980s? For the time, they were great. However, as time went on, technology changed. Now, wireless Bluetooth speaker can be portable, making it convenient for people to listen to podcasts, music, or audiobooks wherever they want.

The sleek design of the Doss wireless Bluetooth speaker makes it a lovely addition wherever you want to put it. Whether it's in your living room or hidden in a hallway, the sound will never be affected because we have designed it not to be.

4. Is the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Waterproof

Nobody wants to worry about their wireless Bluetooth speaker being damaged during a pool party. So, when you’re looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker, make sure it can get splashed on without interfering with the sound.

That was something we thought of when we designed our Doss wireless Bluetooth speaker. We worked on making it waterproof for you!

5. Your Needs for the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Will your new wireless Bluetooth speaker be used for outdoor activities or will it be used indoors? Knowing where it will be used most often will help you decide what features are needed. An wireless speaker will need no less than 85 decibels of power.


Final Thoughts for Choosing the Right Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you want a wireless speaker that’s good for indoors as well as outdoors, the Doss wireless Bluetooth speaker is the right choice! We designed it that way for convenience.

When looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker, look no further than a Doss Speaker. It’s specifically designed with our customers in mind! Take a look at our website and order your Doss wireless Bluetooth speaker today!