How to Choose A Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Camping

portable bluetooth speaker for camping

Camping can also be a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, camping can be challenging even at the best of times, whether you are camping alone or with your friends, family, and children. 

If you are camping alone, you may find yourself in an initial state of boredom. A portable Bluetooth speaker which can deliver endless sound and high-quality music can help you enjoy a relaxing weekend away from home. Singing and playing music while on your camping trip will help your children, new campers, and even solo campers from experiencing boredom.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker - A Lightweight Accessory


What is portable Bluetooth speaker?

It’s one of the most asked questions we get. The answer is one that comes to us easily and we love to share it with you! There are a lot of cool benefits to this music innovation! The most interesting benefits is that portable Bluetooth speakers will spark kid's imagination.

Why get a portable Bluetooth speaker?

Portable Bluetooth speakers are the perfect accessory for you when traveling and camping. They don’t weigh much, and their portable size entails that they don’t take up a lot of space in your backpack, handbag, or even in the palm of your hand as you walk along with the campsite.


Important Features To Consider:

a. The Battery Life of Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Your camping trip would be cut short indeed if your portable Bluetooth speaker didn’t have the requisite battery life to provide you with a long period of playtime with a single charge. To maximize your outdoor camping experience, we would recommend a wireless speaker that can deliver up to at least 10 hours’ playtime for you to maximize your experience.

b. The Charging method of Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Charge-times can vary among products so it may be a sound idea to charge your portable Bluetooth speaker before you embark on your trip. If you are taking a portable charger, ensure the speaker is compatible with your charger before you arrive at your destination to minimize issues.

c. The Compatibility of Portable Bluetooth Speaker

To avoid compatibility issues before you arrive at your campsite, ensure your device is easy to pair and compatible with your portable Bluetooth speaker. The portable Bluetooth speaker should also connect to computer or laptop easily. Here is the article that can guide you to connect your speaker to laptop.

d. The Sound Quality of Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It goes without saying that sound quality will be one of your biggest considerations if you are to enjoy your outdoor camping experience without interruptions. If you are isolated enough that you want to add powerful music to your outdoor setting, you would not want to worry about distortion issues. Ensure your portable Bluetooth speaker with a waterproof feature that delivers the best sound by checking the output power, sound range, type of sound system, and impedance beforehand.

e. Nature-proof of Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you are outdoors, risking poor and rainy weather and camping within close proximity to a beach or lake, it is important that you obtain a portable Bluetooth speaker with the waterproof feature which can withstand water damage and any initial contact with water. No matter how careful one can be, your speaker is always likely to have some contact with water in such an environment.

You will also want to ensure that your portable Bluetooth speaker is durable enough to withstand the other challenges that can arise from your camping experience.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker for camping

f. Speaker vs. Earbuds

It will be a tough decision to make, but if you are camping with your friends and family then earbuds may be best for you if multiple campers want to listen to different music. However, a portable Bluetooth speaker is only a single device and works well if you don’t have a convenient way to recharge.


Camping with the DOSS E-Go and DOSS Traveler

The DOSS E-Go is the first outdoor, Alexa-enable portable Bluetooth Waterproof speaker ever on the market. With its water-resistant features and small size, it is perfect for an outdoor camping experience. Its built-in microphone allows you to command the device with your voice, delivering rich stereo sound which is second-to-none.

The DOSS Traveler provides your camping trip with wireless freedom and delivers powerful music to you during your relaxing weekend get-away. Built-in with a 2,200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivering 12 continuous hours of playtime, the DOSS Traveler is more than suitable for your camping needs.

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